Thursday, 6 September 2007

First Post

About Me, Hey every1 my names is Jason Stewart i am 18 years old and i am currently at Aberdeen College studying int 2 computing, so far its going ok, but some of the teachers are very moody.

My hobbies are playing pool because i am kind of good at it, using ma laptop and playin the xbox 360 and for the xbox 360 my favourite game is call of duty 2 but im gettin bored of it now since no-one on xbox live is any gd just now,

Family, My mum Pauline and my dad Alexander and i have one sister called Stacey, My sister is also at college studying fashion, art and textiles, my mum she is a bus driver for First bus and my dad is a driving instructor and has been one for couple of years now which is handy for me since i get my driving lessons for free,

My fiance, Leanne Philip i have been seeing Leanne for about over 2 years now and we got engaged on December 1st she is living with me at my parents house and has been for over a year now but we are looking for somewhere else to stay, Leanne has helped me with alot of things through the past and hopefully will lots of times in the future.

My ambitions, Just now i am trying to get my car liscence n ive been trying to get it since i turned 17, my Dad a few weeks ago said that he is getting bored of the driving lessons with me so he booked my driving test so i have it on the 2nd of october so im looking forward to that to see if i will pass it or not, and my other ambition is to finish college and become a computing engineer when im older.