Sunday, 30 September 2007

My weekend -

Friday 28th September - Me and ma fiance Leanne met my cousin Cameron at my dad's girlfriend's art shop and spent the day playing pool and bowling then playing my xbox. He stayed the night along with my girlfriends sister. My dad took me out in the car also to practice more before my test on tuesday.

Satuardey 29th September - My dad came for me to go for another driving lesson, he said i did everything good and that if he could he would of put me through my test on satuarday.

Sunday 30th September - Didn't go out with my dad today hes going to take me out on Monday night so i have more practice before my test. Im really looking forward to my test my my fiance is getting really annoyed because i keep telling her every 20mins that its 2 days till my test.