Monday, 24 September 2007

my weekend

This weekend has been ok.
On Friday i had my friend over to play fifa 07 on the xbox 360 and won!!.
Satuarday me and my fiance Leanne went down to the beach with her sister and bf to play that Pirate golf thing n lost with 61 points. Leanne and her sisters bf won with 50 points lol.
Didnt do anything on Sunday couldnt be botherd just stayed in and did nothing
On Monday i stayed in my bed till like 11 then went down to my dads. He was meant to take me for a driving lesson but he didnt have time.

my driving test is in 1 week and 1 day. im really excited but might fail so fingers crossed i dont.
will soon be driving to college instead of taking the bus.

Not back to college till Wednesday so dont no what ill do tomorrow because Leanne is back to work. Might go into college and do some work on the computers or go into town and buy a new game for my xbox because call of duty 2 and gears of war are boring me now and my other games are rubbish.