Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I PASSED "woo hoo" couldnt be any more happier now that i have passed my driving test apart from i just need a car now!!! then i need insurance which is sky high and being at college i cant get a job to pay for it haha!!!

Thursday, 11 October 2007

update on my driving

i have a new update about my driving, since i FAILED last time i have booked it again and have it booked for this tuesday coming so fingers crossed this time i PASS!!!!!

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Driving Test

This is just an update about my driving test, I done everything fine and it was all going well and i thought i past but unfortuneatly i failed for going too slow on country roads which to me is a load of rubbish because there making driving tests harder so that there is not that much young peoplr on the road or "boy racers" as they call it but yet i fail for going a wee bit slower than they liked!!!! but im booking my test againg today so hopefully I get a cancelation and get through it in the next few weeks

Sunday, 30 September 2007

My weekend -

Friday 28th September - Me and ma fiance Leanne met my cousin Cameron at my dad's girlfriend's art shop and spent the day playing pool and bowling then playing my xbox. He stayed the night along with my girlfriends sister. My dad took me out in the car also to practice more before my test on tuesday.

Satuardey 29th September - My dad came for me to go for another driving lesson, he said i did everything good and that if he could he would of put me through my test on satuarday.

Sunday 30th September - Didn't go out with my dad today hes going to take me out on Monday night so i have more practice before my test. Im really looking forward to my test my my fiance is getting really annoyed because i keep telling her every 20mins that its 2 days till my test.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

That blogs are being taken off illustrates the power they have, and the fact that powerful people are afraid of what they can say. Whatever happened to free speech?

“ARSENAL resist Uzbek suitor’s advances,” says the Guardian’s front page on Alisher Usmanov.“He’s certainly not an open book,” says Peter–Hill Wood, the Arsenal chairman of the Uzbek who owns 21 per cent of the club.“Business is murky in Uzbekistan that in itself is an argument against him being involved in Arsenal. I wouldn’t want him to be owner of the club.”This echoes Hill-Wood’s comment on American billionaire Stan Kroenke, who bought 12.2 per cent of the club, of whom Hill-Wood said “we don’t need his money and we don’t want his sort”.Arsenal is a club more akin to White’s than a Premiership outfit. Hill-Wood’s Arsenal lineage goes back three generations. The Eton, Coldstream Guards, Hambros investment bank graduate is joined around the boardroom table by the Wodehousian Lady Nina Bracewell-Smith, wife of Sir Charles Bracewell-Smith, the fourth baronet of Keighley, friend of Sir Chips Keswick, also involved with Arsenal’s upper echelons.So they don’t want Silent Stan and Alsiher The Hun here, thank you, all the same. Release the hounds.And in case they don’t get the message the first time, Hill-Wood’s words are repeated on the cover of the Guardian’s sports section. There readers learn that Usmanov was “convicted of offences reported to include fraud, corruption and theft of state property”. He served six years in prison.As the paper notes, Usmanoz says the charges were politically motivated and the Government has since pardoned him.As we know, this version of events has been challenged by Craig Murray. See his blog. Or not. At least not yet.Schillings, the law firm working on behalf of Usmanov, said Murray’s words were defamatory and ordered his internet hosts Fasthosts to take it down. They complied.Laura Tyler of Schillings makes no mention of this PR disaster – thanks to Schillings’ clever ploy we all know who Usmanov is and what he has and has not done - now says her firm does not intend to sue Murray because “they did not want to give him platform to express his views”.Better to chop his site down and get everyone talking about him on another platform.

didnt go to trial, there is no freedom of speech unless you have your own server

Monday, 24 September 2007

my weekend

This weekend has been ok.
On Friday i had my friend over to play fifa 07 on the xbox 360 and won!!.
Satuarday me and my fiance Leanne went down to the beach with her sister and bf to play that Pirate golf thing n lost with 61 points. Leanne and her sisters bf won with 50 points lol.
Didnt do anything on Sunday couldnt be botherd just stayed in and did nothing
On Monday i stayed in my bed till like 11 then went down to my dads. He was meant to take me for a driving lesson but he didnt have time.

my driving test is in 1 week and 1 day. im really excited but might fail so fingers crossed i dont.
will soon be driving to college instead of taking the bus.

Not back to college till Wednesday so dont no what ill do tomorrow because Leanne is back to work. Might go into college and do some work on the computers or go into town and buy a new game for my xbox because call of duty 2 and gears of war are boring me now and my other games are rubbish.

Thursday, 20 September 2007


Beginnings Of Radio 1 - There is over k40 million listeners every single day and the station is run 24/7, 356 days a year, But it is not just a radio station now of days it also has news advertising and lots more!, on March 28th 1964 there was a radio station on pirate ship which was illegal but there was no way on stopping them and if I think right it was called radio Caroline

Producers Of Radio 1 - On Radio 1, the majority of programmes - the core output - are long-running strands which are produced either by Radio 1 producers or a small group of Independent companies. The network also commissions weekly documentaries from a range of independent producers -- usually through twice-yearly commissioning rounds. Radio 1 also welcomes ad hoc proposals from established programme makers.
Some of there names are -Will Kinder and Pierce Bradford

Dj's Of Radio 1 -Some Djs of radio 1 are Colin Murray, Chris Moyle’s, Edith Bowman, Judge Jules and Jo Whiley.

Colin Murray is on air Monday to Thursday 10.00pm till 12.00pm presenting indie, rock, rap, hip hop and dance music. Colin was born in Belfast and started out as news reporter, reporting for Ulster News Letter.

Chris Moyle’s presents morning radio from 7.00 am till 10.00am. Chris started his career at the age of 16 working for Aire FM in Leeds and over 7 years he worked for several other radio stations including London's capital fm. Chris joined radio 1 on July 28th 1997 where he did the 4 am slot of morning radio.

Edith Bowman is on air Monday to Friday 1pm till 4pm she stared out with radio 1 in 2003. She used to co-hosted channel 4 breakfast show RISE with Colin Murray. She has interviewed many celebs such as Liam Gallagher, Robbie Williams and U2.

Judge Jules presents Saturday night radio from 7pm to 9pm. Jules began playing in 1987, launching a career that has easily notched up hundreds of thousands of miles.

Jo Whiley Jo joined Radio 1 in the spring of 1993. Jo Whiley was born in Northampton. After studying in Brighton and dabbling on BBC Radio Sussex's new music show, Jo's first broadcasting job proper was as a presenter for WPFM, Radio 4's youth culture and music show. Jo is on air Monday to Friday 10am to 12.45pm then again 10pm till 11pm.
There are many more DJ for radio 1 such as Vernon Kay, Reggie and Fearne.

Play lists - Play list A - Songs that are played 25 to 30 times a week
Play list B - Songs that are played 10 to 20 times a week
Play list C - Songs that are played under 5 times a week.

Reporters for Radio 1 - The reporters for Radio 1 are Rod McKenzie who is the Editor of the planning team, Nat Jameson is the assistant news editor, Andy Brian is the news finder/ reporter and Georgina Bowman is news realer. The reporters have a team meeting to decide which news is best to screen on air. The reporters have a dead line of 12.30pm as all news is broadcasted at 12.45pm.

Publicity - Radio 1 have lots of listeners and they have various events, competitions and update their personal website http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1 regularly. Radio 1 has events all over the world from England to Ibiza. They also go to gigs such as Glastonbury, T in the park, the download festival they also hold their own even called Radio 1's big weekend which is Europe’s biggest free music festival.