Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Driving Test

This is just an update about my driving test, I done everything fine and it was all going well and i thought i past but unfortuneatly i failed for going too slow on country roads which to me is a load of rubbish because there making driving tests harder so that there is not that much young peoplr on the road or "boy racers" as they call it but yet i fail for going a wee bit slower than they liked!!!! but im booking my test againg today so hopefully I get a cancelation and get through it in the next few weeks


Duncan said...

Sorry to hear that, Jason. Good luck next time.

Did you get any other hints from the examiner on what you could improve on?

Jason Stewart said...

yes drive more fast on country roads so people behind me dont get annoyed haha

Duncan said...

Figures have shown that 70% of fatal accidents happen on country roads.

Police said speeding was to blame for many of the deaths, and pledged to crack down on motorists who drive too fast in rural areas.

BBC News

Jason Stewart said...

i know and on my test i didnt expect to have to go 40mph round sharp corners lol

Duncan said...

I passed my test (3rd time) because I took a corner too fast.

It made me think I'd failed, so I just relaxed and had a 'normal' drive. I was suprised when I was told that I had passed.