Tuesday, 16 October 2007


I PASSED "woo hoo" couldnt be any more happier now that i have passed my driving test apart from i just need a car now!!! then i need insurance which is sky high and being at college i cant get a job to pay for it haha!!!


Michael914 said...

Congratulations Jason.
Good to here you passed your driving test; the insurance is always the biggest task of all. You will be asking your dad to borrow his car now.

Duncan said...

Well done, Jason.

Link to card

Don't worry about the insurance just now, but use the time to start learning to drive for real. I still remember the first time I drove with no-one else in the car. It was a totally different experience.

Michael914 said...

Agree with Duncan. It is a totally different experience. When I passed my test I went into Aberdeen shopping.